FAMILY LAW: The Family Law Section promotes better understanding of family law issues within Pierce County.  This Section holds meetings and sponsors a monthly one-credit CLE.  Members joining this section are required to pay an additional membership fee of $20 per year.

The Young Lawyers Section includes attorneys 36 years of age or younger and in practice five years or less.   The Young Lawyers Section coordinates the swearing-in ceremonies for newly admitted attorneys, provides various educational and community service programs throughout the year and during Law Week (first week in May).  The YLS oversees the publication of the pictorial directory of attorneys which is published every five years.

  The Criminal Law Section includes attorneys with an interest in criminal law matters and strives to keep its members informed of changes that affect criminal law practice in Pierce County.
BAR CONVENTION: The purpose of the Convention Committee of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association is to plan and implement the annual convention of the association. The convention shall emphasize continuing legal education credits, social activities, and attempt to foster a spirit of goodwill among the membership. The committee shall be chaired by the immediate past president of the TPCBA.

COLLABORATIVE LAW: New in 2014 - creates a collaborative law liaison position to the TPCBA Board of Trustees. RCW calls for collaborative law mediation in disputes arising in many different substantive areas of the law, excluding criminal law. The committee members are already trained lawyers in mediation.

The purpose of the CLE Committee is to deliver high quality continuing legal education that imparts knowledge, reaffirms values, and enhances skills - at a fair cost. The CLE Committee is composed of members of the Bar that express an interest and willingness to serve on this committee and includes one standing member from the Family Law Section, Criminal Law Section, Young Lawyers Section and Guardianship Committee. It is required that each of the named sections and committees be responsible for coordinating a one-half-day CLE each year for the TPCBA with the revenues going directly to the TPCBA. Having standing members from these committees/sections gives continuity to this committee.

COMMUNITY SERVICE RECOGNITION: Formed in 2014 will seek to identify those who deserve to be recognized for their community service. The committee will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees of attorneys/law firms/organizations/citizens, who should be recognized for exemplary service in the community. These individuals/organizations would be recognized in the Pierce County Lawyer magazine. Service award winners could include/but not limited to: Outstanding Attorney, Outstanding Jurist, Service to the TPCBA, Community Service, Distinguished Citizen, Service to Diversity, Service to the Legal Profession, Service by a Public Attorney, Outstanding Service by a New Lawyer, Public Service by a law Firm, Distinguished Organization, etc.

DISTRICT/MUNICIPAL COURT LIAISON: The District/Municipal Court Liaison Committee works closely with and assists the Pierce County District and Municipal Courts in their continuing effort to provide an efficient and practical system of judicial administration for the mutual benefit of the District and Municipal Court judges, administrators, staff, attorneys, and the public. This committee meets quarterly.

DIVERSITY: Members of the Diversity Committee are dedicated to fostering diversity in the legal profession. Members are also involved in community outreach to bridge the gap between the legal community and the diverse community of Pierce County.

FRIEND: Friendly Response In Event Necessity Dictates. It is the purpose of the TPCBA Friend Committee to assist the Bar in promoting collegiality, courtesy, and a sense of community among the membership by offering moral and emotional support to those in the Pierce County legal community who have experienced events in their lives that challenge their own resources and which should be recognized by our legal family. The function of the committee falls into six primary areas: 1) deaths, 2) weddings, 3) illnesses, 4) retirements, 5) births, 6) congratulatory events. The activities are accomplished by sending: 1) cards, and/or 2) flowers or memorials based upon the Committee’s Policies and Procedures.

GOLF: Goodwill, encouraged and enhanced through; Organized outings and activities for; Lawyers interested in having; Fun on the fairways. This committee coordinates an annual tournament for the members of the TPCBA.

GUARDIANSHIP: The Guardianship Committee provides awareness of the guardianship statute 11.88 and the intent of the legislature by serving as a forum for the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association on related legal issues.

The Judicial Qualifications Committee assists the public and public officials in the appointment or election of exceptionally well qualified members of the judiciary. This committee is guided by the TPCBA By-Laws, and the Judicial Qualifications Rules & Procedures. Members are selected by the TPCBA President.

JUDICIAL EVALUATIONS: The Association shall conduct a survey of the membership during even numbered judicial election years to evaluate the elected members of the judiciary of Pierce County, including courts of limited jurisdiction.

LAWYERPALOOZA: This fun event is held for the TPCBA membership, their families and friends on a Saturday in August on Martin Duenhoelter's farm in Olalla. Food, activities, music, advertising is planned and organized by the committee for approximately 500 attendees. First one was held in August 2012. Click here for 2013 photos.

LEGAL ASSISTANT: The purpose of the Professional/Improvement/Legal Assistant Committee is to review applications of legal assistants for Pierce County in accordance with PCLR 0.7, and to assist in making proposed changes to PCLR 0.7 when necessary.

MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Committee develops strategies to increase membership as well as the expansion of member services and benefits.

This committee consists of attorneys in practice at least 10 years who are willing to share their time and wisdom with a lawyer in practice 5 or less years. The goal of this committee is to pair newer lawyers with seasoned lawyers in the same area of practice. Time commitment is a one year period, during which the mentor shall be available by phone for questions and have contact at least once monthly with the mentee. Monthly contact could include (but not be limited to) lunch and/or coffee, shadowing the mentor at a court or other proceedings, and attendance at a TPCBA function (young lawyer events, section meetings, CLEs).

The Pierce County Lawyer Magazine Committee functions for the purpose of improving and, if necessary, changing in whole or in part the bi-monthly magazine which is the primary publication of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association. This involves acting as a sounding board for problems or suggestions voiced by the membership. It also includes soliciting new articles of relevance and interest for The Pierce County Lawyer magazine readers. This committee is also considered an Editorial Board for the PCL magazine which shall supervise the publication of The Pierce County Lawyer magazine, the establishment of guidelines for format, content, and editorial policy and the implementation of such guidelines by review and consultation with the editor. Members are selected by the editor (TPCBA President) and are required to write at least one editorial during their term.

The Superior Court Commission is comprised of members of the TPCBA whose role is to serve as a liaison between the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association and Pierce County Superior Court, Pierce County Council, Pierce County Executive and such other individuals or entities as necessary regarding the operation, administration and function of the Pierce County Superior Court. The commission shall provide a conduit for the exchange of information and a forum for the constructive discussion of issues of the Pierce County Superior Court and its impact on members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar and the citizens of Pierce County. Recommendations, resolutions and findings of the commission shall be provided directly to the President of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association and Executive Board of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association. All members of this commission serve at the pleasure of the President of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association.

VOLUNTEER LEGAL SERVICES: The Volunteer Legal Services Committee of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association is charged with developing programs to provide access to justice for those of limited means by members of the Bar Association.