Conversations of a Married Couple, the Best Solace of Human Existence

By Matthew H. Thomas.   In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, my colleagues on the editorial board suggested that I write about the federal marital communications privilege. The U.S. Supreme Court has described conversations between a married couple as the “‘best solace of human existence.'”[1] The law on privilege has evolved over time. Today, marital […]
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Valentine’s Day: What is It, Why Do We Celebrate It, and Who is It Really For?

By Shannon Hadeed.   There are three theories regarding the history of Valentine’s Day; 1) Roman/Pagan festival 2) two Christian martyrs named Valentine and 3) Hallmark, an American Corporation. The Pagan/Roman Theory For those who believe in the Roman/Pagan festival theory of origin, there was a festival called Lupercalia, held in mid-February, which celebrated the […]
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Parenting Plan Ideas: A Short Version

By Judge Brian Tollefson, ret.   Parenting Plan negotiations during dissolution and relocation proceedings can be some of the most stressful times for parents. However, not all cases involving children have issues with the parenting plan. Parents who understand how important it is to a child’s well-being that they co-operate and effectively communicate about their […]
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