Pierce County Superior Court SC Guidance – 3/20/19


Thank you for reaching out to us during these challenging times.   The Washington State Supreme Court has issued Amended Order No. 25700-B-607 clarifying the types of proceedings that are still allowed to occur under modified conditions.   Pursuant to the Amended Order, we believe that the Pierce County Superior Court Emergency Orders are acceptable and within the intent of the Supreme Court’s Amended Order so long as the proceedings, including non-jury trials, are conducted without personal appearances through April 24, 2020.   This date may be extended by further Order of this Court or the Washington State Supreme Court.   Please contact your assigned judicial department for specific details.   Modified judges’ motion dockets and commissioners’ dockets continue to be available, as set forth in Emergency Order #4.

Pierce County Superior Court is continuing to operate under its Emergency Orders as posted on the Pierce County Superior Court website, at https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/122/Superior-Court.

All future communication concerning court operations or responses to the Covid-19 crisis will be posted on the Pierce County Superior Court website and the TPCBA website at https://www.tpcba.com.

For case specific inquires please email the assigned judicial department directly.

 Thank you,
Pierce County Superior Court Executive Committee